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U.N. calls for inquiry into human rights violations in Kashmir

U.N. calls for inquiry into human rights violations in Kashmir.

The United Nations asked Thursday for an international investigation into alleged infringement in the disputed area, government forces have used excessive force in Kashmir and have killed and wounded numerous civilians since 2016.

Reuters reported that no immediate comment was made by the government in the report issued by the UN Human Rights Office in Geneva, which demanded justice for the victims of both the sides of the so-called Line of Conflict.

Kashmir which is a Muslim majority, is divided between nuclear armed neighbors, both of which claim it completely and after separating in 1947, two of their three wars have fought in this area.

The United Nations report mainly focuses on the serious violations of the Northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir from July 2016 to April 2018. Workers estimate that 145 civilians were killed by security forces and 20 civilians killed by armed groups in the same period.

The report says, "In response to the demonstrations that started in 2016, Indian security forces used excessive force, which led to illegal killings and many injuries."

U.N. High Commissioner Zidad Al-Hussein sought maximum restraint for human rights and condemned the lack of trial of Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir due to the law of 1990, which he called "virtual defense".

In a statement, Zid called for the Human Rights Council - which opens a three-week session on Monday in Geneva - to launch an investigation commission in all violations. He said that open spaces of collective tombs in the Kashmir Valley and Jammu region should be examined.

The UN report says that armed groups in Jammu and Kashmir have committed several crimes including kidnapping, killing of citizens and sexual violence.