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Police Arrested One Suspect in Shujaat Bukhari Murder case.

Police Arrested One Suspect in Shujaat Bukhari Murder case.

Sources said that the police has made arrest of at least one suspects in the case of Shujaat Bukhari murder.

Kashmir Police Chief SP Pani told reporters that they have arrested one of the four suspects in this case. The weapon stolen by him was recovered. He has been identified as Zubair, a resident of Kanetar, Dargah Srinagar.

Police said that they brought back the clothes worn yesterday evening when they were trying to help the injured people in the police car.

Police investigation shows that there are more than three persons directly involved in the murder. The police has issued two paintings to seek help from people in the identification and arrest. In a set of paintings, the police will secretly hide behind their hairs and identify the three hideers.

In another photo, they want help in arresting a bearded young person who was on the spot until reaching the police. Later he fled from one of the two killed policemen pistol.

The latter was included in the list of suspects, which was trying to remove the bodies. Until the police reached the spot, he stayed there. When the driver's body was evacuated, a pistol fell and he wiped it on it and kept it in his pocket. This happened in the presence of the police, as a video shot on the spot show. Later, the same man ran on a motorcycle so fast that he escaped unhappy in any way.

The police said that the suspect 4 has been identified as Zubair and he has been arrested. They said that they are being questioned.