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Mother Makes Emotional Appeal asking her Militant Son to Return.

Mother Makes Emotional Appeal asking her Militant Son to Return.

For God’s sake, Please come back. Have pity on your family, on your mother. Remember how I nursed you? Why don’t you remember my sufferings? I will do anything for you.

Come back, my son, come back Burhan,” the mother of a youth who has joined Militancy from Islamabad township of South Kashmir appealed.

The distraught mother from SK Colony of South Kashmir’s Islamabad township has come out with video message urging her militant son to return home, hoping for a reunion with her son Burhan Ahmed Ganie whose photo with an AK 47 has gone viral.

In her message, mother of Burhan Ahmad Ganie, has asked her son to come back home at the earliest.

The Growing Militancy has been a ground reality in Kashmir and the southern part has been the most hit, figures available reveal that more than 80 local youth have joined Militancy in the first six months of 2018.

The family told The Kashmiriyat that Burhan was the leading scorer in his selection test of the Bachelors in Physiotherapy course.

“Who will take your mother to the hospital now?” His father while appealing his son asked.
His sister told The Kashmiriyat that he was the sole hope for the family as a family of 7 members is living on her father’s pension money, Ghulam Mohammed Sadiq is a retired Zonal Education Officer.

“I did not expect that my son would ever join Militancy, he left home after which we filed a missing report at the nearest police station,” his father said.

He said that he was informed by some relatives that Burhan, his son, has joined Militant ranks. “The News came as a shock to the entire family,” he said.

A Photo of Burhan Claiming that he has joined the Militant outfit Hizb ul Mujahideen has gone viral over Social networking.