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LeT condemns Shujaat Bukhari’s murder, blames ‘Indian agencies’.

LeT condemns Shujaat Bukhari’s murder, blames ‘Indian agencies’.

Shujaat Bukhari
Lashkar-e-Toiba has strongly condemned the killing of senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari, even though they blamed "Indian agencies towards every individual who is "loyalist towards freedom movement".

In a statement issued to GNS by Chief Lashkar-e-Toiba, Mehmood Shah, the Militant organization's spokesman, Dr. Abdullah Gaznavi said: "The murder of Shujaat Bukhari is a conspiracy to suppress the voice of indigenous freedom struggle. Every person is loyal to the freedom movement, and the world should pay attention to the evil and unfortunate conspiracies of India.

He claimed that India is eager to kill every person who is vocal about "indigenous freedom struggle and atrocities of India".

Former Indian army chief himself is participating in such conspiracies. The purpose behind India's misdeeds is to convict Militants for their own crimes. But freedom fighters have never targeted citizens, "he said," The murder of Shujaat Bukhari is also a wrong act of secret agencies of India, which is a very condemnatory act. India can never hide its terrorist face from the world. "(GNS).