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PM Modi Inaugurated Kishanganga hydropower project.

PM Narendra Modi inaugurated NHPC Kishanganga hydropower project.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated NHPC's Kishanganga hydropower project on Saturday and laid the foundations of the Pakul Dul Power Power Project.

Pascal Dulal of 1000 MW is one of the three projects which are implemented by the joint venture of NHPC and SPDC. This is called the Chenab Valley Power Project. An official spokesman said Pak Pakal was the first storage project in Jammu and Kashmir.

Located in Bandipora district, 330 MW Kishanganga Hydro Electric Project is a part of the river scheme. All the units of the project have been synchronized on March 30, 2018, and the annual generation of the main project is 1712.96 MU. The project is proposed to be completed at a cost of Rs 5882 crore.

Kishangana will provide 13 percent free electricity to the state, which will be Rs 133 crore per year. There are other benefits like employment for the people of Jammu and Kashmir, development of infrastructure etc. for the state. It has been estimated that during the construction phase of this project, 750 local people were involved during the operation phase through 1850 local people and direct and indirect employment. 

Dr. Farooq Abdullah was ruling the state after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Jammu and Kashmir Government and the Ministry of Energy, Government of India, the project was entrusted to the NHPC by the State Government.

According to CCEA approval, the project cost of Pokal Dul is Rs 8112.12 crores and it is supported by the Government of India and the Jammu and Kashmir Government. The timing of implementation is 66 months from the beginning of the project. This will be leading to additional generation of 650 MU in downstream projects because it is a storage type project and will improve the availability of water during lean season.