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What Happened at Turkwangam Shopian?

On Wednesday afternoon, a joint team of Army and Special Operations Group of Police launched a Cordon and search operation in Turkwangam villag of District Shopian. It was in response to the facts about militants in the village. 

After exchanging gun fire exchanges from both sides, the CASO later changed into a gun war. An official said that he had an input from the village. Later that night, the militants all believe that they have managed to escape, although the police have not confirmed it, it is reported that in the gun, one of the army members-chief was injured. The injured officer was taken to Army's 92 Base Hospital in Srinagar for treatment.

After about 15 hours, Cordon and Search Operation (CASO) was launched after the stranded militants, which was considered to be number five, who escaped from the Turkwangam village of Shopian district. There was also a gun war and many were injured. But in the end, the militants managed to escape.

As news of gun fight spread, youth took to the streets and started pelting stones onto the government forces. But in response to that, forces resorted to fire live ammunition, pellets and tear gas onto the protesters near the encounter site, resulting in the death of young Umar Kumar of Pinjura village of Shopian and nearly 25 others were injured.

Umar was laid to rest on Thursday morning and thousands of mourners participated in his funeral prayers in his native village of Pinjura village.

Emotions became high and Umar's parents kept Umar's school uniform shirt on their body, because people were screaming and beating their chest against the brutal killing of young 14 years old boy near the encounter site in Turkwangam Shopian.

Witnesses said that 14-year-old Umar was taken to bury, whereas thousands of mourners including women and children cried and cried, the witnesses said that women and children, especially their classmates, showered Toffee and flowers on Umar's body.

Umar, 14 year old, the youngest little child  is left with four sisters and four brothers. One of the four sisters is divorced and his brother is working as the chiefs.

Villagers alleged that the police and the CRPF destroyed two houses, which included a man related to the father-in-law of a militant, who was considered during the CASO. Recognized as Zeenat Ul Islam, the militant has a connection with the village.

Zeenat Ul Islam is actually a resident of Sugan village and is an active militant from the beginning of 2015. He ran during a Cordon and Search operation near his native village in Draggad Sugan on April 1, in which he had four associates, in which seven Hizb militants were killed.

While the militants managed to escape, the counter rebellion forces continued the grid siege. It was during these searches that the residents had accused their property of harassment and damage.