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150-billion Rupees mega deal inked to enable Indian Army to fight a 30-day war.

150-billion Rupees mega deal inked to enable Indian Army to fight a 30-day war.

Official sources told PTI that the ambitious project will include 11 private firms, which are being implemented by the army's top brass and defense ministry.

After several years of deliberations, the Army has finalized a project of Rs.150 billion, under which ammunition for ammunition for its important weapons and tanks to deal with long delays in import and to solve the problem of weak stockpile Will be constructed.

The immediate aim of a closely guarded project - is to be considered the biggest initiative for indigenization of ammunition - to make a list for all the major weapons so that the forces are capable of fighting the 30-day war, while long-term objective reduction in import dependence is.

A senior government official involved in the project said, "The total cost of this project is 150 billion rupees and we have set a specific target for the next 10 years in the quantity of ammunition." Further detailed

One source said that initially, ammunition will be produced under "strict timeline" for rocket, air defense system, artillery guns, infantry warfare vehicles, grenade launchers and many other field weapons.

Production targets will be modified as a result of the first phase of implementation of the program.
Sources indicated that a comprehensive conference of the Army's top commanders was discussed here last month.

This initiative is seen as the first serious effort by the government to address the growing concerns raised by the defense forces on the rapidly weak reserves of the first serious ammunition by the government, when China increased significantly in its military capacity Is doing, an issue which has been discussed continuously by governments.